Roch: A Universal Dog Friendly Standard & Certification Process

The world's first universal dog-friendly standard and certification process, for the hotel industry. Created by dog owners with dog friendly hospitality in mind, we help make the world a little easier to travel with our four legged friends.

Roch: A Universal Dog Friendly Standard & Certification Process
The Roch Marque

A Dog-Friendly Certification for the Hotel Industry

The Roch Standard is the world's first dog-friendly standard and certification process. It was created to assist hotel owners and operators in promoting themselves as dog-friendly, providing their customers with a clear set of rules for dogs on business premises, and a clear definition canine inclusivity.

The Roch Standard was created to provide dog owners with peace of mind when they travel with their dogs. The standard evaluates a business’s dog-friendliness and grades them accordingly from A+ to D. This simplified grading system provides dog owners with a clear view of the most dog-friendly businesses and establishments, enabling them to plan their travels with their dog in mind.

Behind the scenes, we give each business a numerical rank when they certify, this numerical rank allows us to compare them against their peers regionally, and within their industry sector, enabling us to identify 'the dog friendliest hotel in Orlando' for example, giving the truly dog friendly businesses in a region an opportunity to shine, and stand out in a highly competitive industry.

You can see this model at work in our dog friendly hotel directory.

This model has enabled to us to gather an enormous amount of granular data on dog friendly hotels, and build a data-driven benchmark for use when performing a comparative analysis of dog friendly hotels in order to rank them.

Why Should A Hotel Certify Itself as Dog Friendly?

Aligning with the Roch Standard signals your commitment to canine inclusivity, and making dog owners feel like their canine companions are truly welcome instills a sense of loyalty towards your business. Cobranded marketing materials can be used to effectively communicate dog-friendly policies, which serve as an additional promotional tool for the hotel.  Through inclusion in our publicly available directory and vertical ranking systems, hotels can boost the number of direct bookings and increase their profitability. A formal rank and third-party certification enable you to outcompete the other dog-friendly hotels in your region, significantly enhancing your reputation and marketability with dog owners.

The Roch Standard paves the way for smoother operations within the hotel by properly managing the expectations of guests who know exactly what to expect before they book and avoid canine related conflicts at check-in.  With clear guidelines and Roch training materials on dealing with canine guests, staff members can manage pet-related situations effectively and efficiently, ensuring a harmonious environment that caters to all guests, human or canine.

Why Should Dog Owners Align With The Roch Standard?

We solve the 'pet-friendly' problem. In a world where everyone is pet-friendly, nobody is pet-friendly. We help dog owners cut through the marketing noise online and find the best dog-friendly hotels to suit their specific needs, making the world an easier place to travel when we are roaming about it with our dogs.

The Roch Standard's ranking system provides a crystal clear picture of a hotel's level of dog-friendliness, enabling you to know exactly what to expect at a hotel before you book. By giving you a clear picture of a hotel's dog-friendly services, amenities, facilities, and policies, we enable dog owners to make informed decisions and plan their travels confidently and without unnecessary stress.

Our at-a-glance ranking system gives you an immediate view of the best dog-friendly hotels, ranked by region, enabling you to always find a place to stay.

We also provide dog owners with a clear way to contact hotels and book directly with them to ensure that they get the best possible room rates. By avoiding online travel agents (OTA's) and using Roch to find dog friendly hotels when you travel, you can save an enormous amount of money on pet fees and reservation fees.

Many hotels listed in the Roch dog-friendly directory offer special deals, upgraded rooms, and canine stay packages if you book directly with them. Because of this, Roch prefers to send you directly to them rather than tax your booking like an OTA. Hotels pay us directly to become certified beneath our standard and recertify themselves on an annual basis, ensuring that our data is always accurate.

If you want to find the world's best dog-friendly hotels and always get the lowest price when you book, visit Roch Dog, the world's best dog-friendly directory.