Champion a Dog Friendly Future with the Roch Society

Roch, where canine inclusivity, charity, and business merge to make the world a friendlier place for dogs, and an easier place to travel when we are with them.

Champion a Dog Friendly Future with the Roch Society

We live in a world where our dogs aren't just our pets but family members, and where there is a growing need for a fresh approach to canine inclusivity. With this in mind, I am pleased to introduce you to the Roch Society. We are an international dog-friendly community that stands at the intersection of dog owners, business, and charitable action, fostering in a world where the bond between humans and dogs is not merely tolerated, but cherished and cultivated.

At its core, the Roch Society is all about community. Over time we will expand this resource into a global network of dog owners, enthusiasts, and businesses that love and welcome dogs, a hub where these groups can come together to champion responsible dog ownership and together become a catalyst for change.

The work of the Roch Society spans several crucial areas. Primarily, it serves as a conduit for charitable action. The Society will collect and distribute a portion of Roch Dog’s revenues to dog-related charities worldwide. In doing so, it provides crucial financial support to organizations on the front line of animal welfare, helping to ensure dogs in need receive care, shelter, and love.

Engaged Roch Society members have the opportunity to choose the recipient charities, thus democratically influencing the Society's philanthropic activities, ensuring that our charitable arm truly serves its community, and channels its resources into canine causes our members are passionate about.

But it's not only in the realm of charity where I think that the Roch Society can make a difference. One of our goals is to shape a world that’s as welcoming to dogs as it is to humans, and to this end the Society promotes The Roch Standard, the world's first universal dog-friendly standard, and certification process. This standard allows businesses to assess their dog-friendly policies and practices, and to strive towards best practices when catering to canine customers.

The Roch Society is working towards a future where dog-friendly isn't just a label but a certified reality. Where businesses aren’t simply tolerant of dogs but actively shape their services to accommodate them. Where every trip to a café, hotel, or store is as enjoyable for your dog as it is for you, and where every dog owner can easily identify and choose such establishments for their needs.

As the Society grows, its influence will impact not just dog owners but the entire hospitality industry. By endorsing businesses that commit to our dog friendly ethos and encouraging others to follow suit, the Roch Society is set to gradually transform the hospitality landscape into one that values and welcomes our canine companions. Through its charitable work, it will support the vital operations of canine charities globally, and through its certification process, drive businesses towards a more inclusive approach, giving dog owners a voice in the process.

As our Society grows, so too will its impact, making us a beacon of hope for a dog-friendly future. The Roch Society is more than just a part of Roch, it's an embodiment of our commitment to fostering a world where our bond with dogs is cherished and cultivated, paving the way for truly dog friendly world.

Join us, help us be the change we want to see in the world.