The Worlds First Universal Dog Friendly Standard

Roch, a startup dedicated to promoting canine inclusivity, unveils The Roch Standard - the world's first universal dog-friendly certification for businesses in hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors.

The Worlds First Universal Dog Friendly Standard
The Roch Standard

Roch, an innovative dog friendly startup known for its devotion to our four-legged friends, has once again demonstrated its commitment to creating an inclusive environment for dogs and their owners. Named after St. Roch, the patron saint of dogs, Roch has announced the launch of a new groundbreaking initiative called The Roch Standard. This world-first endeavor is a universal dog friendly standard and certification process designed to measure and rank businesses based on their dog-friendly policies and positions.

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The Roch Standard signifies a significant step forward in advocating for global canine-inclusive practices. It is an unprecedented certification process specifically designed for businesses operating within the hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors. Its purpose is to guide those aspiring to best practice in accommodating and engaging with their canine clientele.

This patent-pending certification process is a first in the industry. Businesses seeking to attain Roch recognition as a dog-friendly establishment must pass through this rigorous certification process. This initiative gives dog owners the confidence to identify and support establishments that genuinely welcome and cater to their canine companions.

Guise Bule de Missenden, Roch's CEO, emphasized the startup's dedication to promoting inclusivity for both dogs and their owners. "Roch is committed to fostering an environment where dogs are welcomed, not just tolerated," said de Missenden. He invites all dog lovers to join the Roch Society to help make the world a friendlier place for dogs, and an easier place to travel when with them.

Roch aspires to enhance the lives of dogs, enriching our own lives in return. Together as a team, the startup aims to cultivate a world where the bond between humans and dogs is cherished. With the introduction of this standard, Roch is at the vanguard of a transformation in how businesses across various sectors incorporate and cater to our canine companions.

The Roch Standard is a testament to a business's commitment to extending their hospitality beyond human patrons, thus aligning themselves with the rapidly growing trend of dog-friendly travel. It is about more than just acknowledging dogs - it's about embracing them as valued customers in their own right.

As part of their initiative, Roch is currently MVP testing their new dog friendly hotel platform. They are inviting early adopter hotels to participate in the Roch private beta to certify their properties. This is all part of their push towards the public launch of the Roch Directory, an ambitious project aimed at creating the world's largest directory of dog-friendly businesses. The dog friendly directory will cover over 100 countries and available in more than 30 languages. In a world where the dog-friendly trend is on a steep rise, Roch’s innovative approach sets a new bar for what it means to be truly accommodating to dogs and their owners.