Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Dog

With Halloween around the corner, we've got you covered with 7 quick, clever, and easy-to-DIY costume ideas that'll make you and your pup the stars of spooky season.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Dog

The last-minute costume crisis is real! Especially for those looking to creatively coordinate with their animal (and human) companions. This year, forget the mad dash through a ransacked costume aisle with our list of convenient, inexpensive Halloween costume inspirations that can be easily personalized to fit your spooky season dreams.

Whether you want to match your outfits or let your canine companion take the lead, this versatile round-up of costumes has a little something for every dog owner this Halloween. So, grab your treats, round up your pup, and get ready to celebrate spooky season in style!

Mystery Inc.

This timeless group costume idea is perfect for those who want to show off their pup at any Halloween gathering. With a simple collar tag or themed harness, you can turn around a top-tier costume in no time. Just don't forget an ample supply of Scooby snacks!

a woman and her dog dressed as Scooby and Shaggy
Image via Rosanna Pansino


If you find yourself digging through your closet looking for costume inspiration, perhaps you'll stumble across some old button-downs and blue jeans. Aha! There lies your next Halloween costume.

Further, one can easily include their furry friend into a matching Western-themed set by employing a red bandana and, if your pup will put up with it, a little cowboy hat of their own.

golden retriever wearing a red bandana and cowboy hat
Image via Amazon

Little Red Riding Hood

Not every pup gives off big bad wolf energy, but luckily this classic fairytale gives us more to work with. For instance, take this granny-fied canine rocking the shower cap. My, what big eyes you have!

dog dressed as 'granny' disguised wolf from Little Red Riding Hood
Image via Etsy / @sewdoggonecreative

Let's just say, if your pup can tolerate some old lady frames for just a few seconds, you're sure to walk away with some endearing Halloween candids.

Beanie Baby

Another super cute DIY-able costume, made complete by the iconic Beanie Baby tag and your picturesque pup. The iconic red heart tag is an easily homemade accessory to complement both you and your pet's take on the iconic 90s collectibles. As if your fur baby couldn't look any more cuddly!

a small spaniel wearing a homeade Beanie Baby tag
Image via Brit+Co

You'll Float Too!

Does your dog look extra cute in a raincoat? Then this may be the costume for you. Take inspiration from the iconic storm drain scene from Stephen King's IT by going as Georgie and Pennywise for Halloween. Fold up a paper boat as a prop and your costume is complete!

a dog poses in a yellow raincoat with the hood pulled up
Image via Etsy / @LANGERLAND

Or, to simplify your last-minute costume efforts even more, you can don the yellow raincoat and just tie an ominous red balloon to your pup's collar. Either way, you're sure to have everyone screaming: you'll float too!

Max and The Grinch

Wishing to jump ahead a little in the holiday season? This classic Christmas pairing can doubly serve as an entertaining Halloween costume duo. Of course, it's probably best not to paint your pup green (no matter how grouchy they may appear), so you can take advantage of Grinch-themed bandanas or Max 'reindeer' headpieces. Perhaps you even have some Christmas decor that can be repurposed!

a french bulldog dressed as Max poses in a reindeer headpiece
Image via Etsy / @Karisfancypups

And, if you're looking for more of a group costume, what's the Grinch without some Whoville residents?

Slumber Party

Ever bought matching PJs for you and your dog? Well, here's your excuse! This Halloween get-up is perfect for a cozy, indoor celebration of spooky season. Think movie marathons, fall baking, and lots of precious downtime with your canine companion waiting for trick-or-treaters.

owner and their pitbull in matching dinosaur pajamas
Image via Pittie Clothing Co

For some extra flair, you can add a fun sleep mask and a little blanket for your dog to slobber contentedly over. Though simple, this comfortable costume option makes for some great photo ops.

So, there you have it. Make sure to consult your pup about your costume plans as the countdown to Halloween begins, and subscribe to Roch Society for more dog news, travel, and lifestyle content.