Furry Instagram Influencers

Welcome to the dazzling world of Instagram's canine influencer elite. We're excited to showcase the top forty canine Instagram influencers who are redefining creativity and engagement on Instagram.

Furry Instagram Influencers
Canine Influencers Are Massively Popular

Welcome to the dazzling world of Instagram's canine influencer elite. These four-legged social media stars are not just winning hearts but also reshaping the landscape of online influence. With their charming antics, unique personalities, and heartwarming stories, these dogs have amassed followings that rival those of human celebrities. They are not only setting trends but also redefining what it means to be an influencer in today's digital age. From fashion-forward canines to adventurous explorers, these pooches bring a diverse range of content to their devoted followers, proving that charisma and appeal transcend species.

This article dives into the lives of the top dog influencers on Instagram, showcasing how they have captivated millions of followers worldwide. Each one, with their distinct charm and engaging content, has carved out a niche in the hearts of their audience. These furry influencers range from Doug The Pug, the king of pop culture, to Crusoe the Dachshund, a witty entrepreneurial wiener.

They are not just adorable faces; these dogs are trendsetters, storytellers, and, in many cases, advocates for various causes. They exemplify how pets can have a profound impact on social media, bringing joy, laughter, and sometimes even meaningful messages to a global audience. Here is our list of the top forty canine influencers on Instagram, including a little information on each influencer.

  1. Doug The Pug is celebrated as the King Of Pop Culture and a 2x People’s Choice Award winner. He's based in Nashville, TN, and actively supports the @dougthepugfoundation. His Instagram showcases a variety of content, including promotions for his 2023 calendar. Doug boasts 3.7 million followers and also has a YouTube channel.
  2. Crusoe the Dachshund is a Wiener Dog Extraordinaire, a People’s Choice Award winner, and a New York Times Bestseller. He's also the CEO of @doggoramps. Crusoe's Instagram features episodes, games, merch, and more, attracting 873K followers. His website, celebritydachshund.com, offers additional insights into his adventures.
  3. Geordi La Corgi & Scotty are Corgi brothers based in Los Angeles. They are known for their charming antics and have garnered a following of 560.9K on Instagram. Their website lacorgi.co offers more on their life and merchandise, including Team Corgi hats.
  4. Tinkerbelle The Dog from NYC is not just a dog model but also an actor and traveler. This 5-pound bundle of fabulous fluff is followed by 478.5K fans and has been recognized by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Lizzo. Tinkerbelle's adventures are also chronicled on TikTok and her podcast available at buzzsprout.com.
  5. Bodhi, known as the most stylish dog in the world, collaborates via themensweardog@gmail.com. His Instagram @mensweardog has captivated 392.8K followers with his fashionable looks. More about Bodhi can be found on his Tumblr blog.
  6. Jiffpom is famous for his cuteness and has an enormous following of 9.5 million on Instagram. His 2022 calendar and other ventures can be explored via his Instagram handle @jiffpomcutelife, and he can be contacted through mgmt@jiffpom.com.
  7. The Dogist, photographed by @EliasWF, tells the story of dogs. His Instagram, with 4.9 million followers, offers a glimpse into his work, including his New York Times Bestseller books "The Dogist" and "Puppies". Inquiries can be made at info@thedogist.com.
  8. Juniper & Friends documents the life of the happiest fox and other rescued exotics. The Instagram account has captivated 3 million followers with its unique content featuring rescued exotic animals.
  9. Tuna, known for bringing joy and laughter, has an audience of 2 million on Instagram. For Tuna’s travels and new products, followers can also check out @thetravelingtuna.
  10. Loki the Wolfdog is cherished for his adventures and has garnered 1.9 million followers. Described as a "little brother forever," Loki's Instagram captures his exciting life and explorations.
  11. Harlow and Sage is an account run in loving memory of Harlow and Sage, now featuring their best friends: Indiana, Reese, Ezra, and Mae. The account, with 1.7 million followers, can be reached at hello@harlowandsage.com.
  12. Marnie The Dog advocates for adopting senior dogs. Marnie's Instagram, with 1.6 million followers, can be contacted at hi@marniethedog.com.
  13. Theron Humphrey showcases his wild heart through his Instagram, which has attracted 1.4 million followers. Inquiries can be directed to theronhumphrey@gmail.com.
  14. Manny The Frenchie is recognized as the world's most followed Bulldog and a philanthro-pup. He is also the author of "Manny the Frenchie's Art of Happiness" and can be reached at mannythefrenchie@yahoo.com. Manny has a million followers on Instagram.
  15. Steve shares his life with senior dog rescues, Bikini the pig, Betty the chicken, and Cranberry the turkey. His Instagram account @wolfgang2242 has 1.1 million followers.
  16. Pugs of Instagram is a dedicated space for pug lovers, boasting 739.8K followers. Business inquiries, removals, or credits can be directed to PetsLoversClub@gmail.com.
  17. Izzy The Frenchie is known for her book ‘Wear The Damn Mask’. She can be reached at contact@izzythefrenchie.com and has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.
  18. Samson The Goldendoodle was born on January 23, 2014, in Ontario, Canada, and moved to Brooklyn, NY, on April 5, 2014. Contact him at samsonthedood@gmail.com or theoandthedoods@gmail.com. His Instagram has 1 million followers.
  19. Pug Lovers Club, with 760K followers, is an Instagram handle dedicated to pugs. Video submissions for a chance to be featured can be sent to PetsLoversClub@gmail.com.
  20. Buddy + Boo include Buddy, Boo, Bluebeary Pie, Big Girl, Benny, Bean, Baby Girl, and Sunny. This delightful group is known for their heartwarming content and can be reached at buddyboowaggytails@gmail.com. They have garnered a following of 516.2K on Instagram, has 189K followers and content available in both English and Japanese.
  21. Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy, inspires resilience, inclusion, & kindness. Managed by Melissa Shapiro, DVM, Piglet has 288.6K followers and supports disabled pets.
  22. Louboutina, also known as The Hugging Dog, spreads love and kindness in NYC and beyond. Photographed by random friends and sometimes by dad, she has 180.5K followers.
  23. Tika the Iggy is a celebrated Gay Icon based in Montreal, known for her bold fashion statements and has been acknowledged by @lizzobeeating. She has a significant following of 1.1 million.
  24. Kiki from Honolulu, Hawaii, is part of a charming duo with Alika. Kiki, a girl Blenheim, and Alika, a boy Black & Tan, share their Hawaiian adventures with 309.9K followers.
  25. Sprout tries to make it in the hustle and Brussels of NYC. Author of "The Good Boy’s Guide to Being Good," Sprout has 189K followers.
  26. Batman The Batpug embodies the spirit of a superhero in a pug's body. He invites his 155.1K followers to follow his treat-filled adventures.
  27. Dolly Pawton is a multi-award-winning lifestyle, travel, and fashion creator based in London. Known as The Dollylama & Jolene, she's an icon and activist with 187.6K followers.
  28. Leo aka Little Leo from Ottawa, Canada, is a mix of Maltese and Yorkie. Born on July 8, 2013, Leo can be reached at littleleothemorkie@gmail.com and has 145.1K followers.
  29. Herman is a Maltese Yorkshire Terrier from Toronto, known as the #TreatDealer & #phodographer. He shares his travels at hermaninthehood.com and has been featured on ABC Nightline, with 139.4K followers.
  30. PugRidesShotgun shares the adventures of FinniBear and DillyBear. They are known for their unique speech and have 162K followers.
  31. Bentley The Goldendoodle Puppy is famous not just on Instagram but also on TikTok @ minidoodlebentley, with 1.3 million followers. Bentley's Instagram has 218.1K followers and offers discount codes for dog products.
  32. Reagandoodle is known for spreading positivity and has a heart for foster care and adoption. With a 2023 Calendar benefiting foster children, Reagandoodle has captured the hearts of 471.6K followers.
  33. SirCharlesBarkley, a French Bulldog from Seattle, has a notable presence on social media including Twitter and Facebook. Born on May 7, 2012, he enjoys a following of 412.2K on Instagram.
  34. Popeye the Foodie Dog is a former stray LA pup who enjoys traveling and dining at pet-friendly restaurants. He has won over 389.1K followers with his foodie adventures.
  35. Wolfie supports the rescue @FFLRescueNetwork. Donations can be made at PayPal.me/FFLRESCUENETWORK. Wolfie smiles for 367.8K followers on Instagram.
  36. Dog Meets World features Muppet, Cheese, and Crumb, all former puppy mill moms advocating for rescue. They have 300.1K followers and are sisters to the late ToastMeetsWorld.
  37. Coco & Her Sister Cici are known as the Queens of Pink Bellies. These 5-pound fluffs are registered therapy dogs and have a fan base of 300.2K followers.
  38. Candice Sedighan is a dog photographer sharing her life with her Golden Retriever in Los Angeles. Her Instagram, dedicated to her dog Bear, has attracted 278.3K followers.
  39. Gone to the Snow Dogs showcases life with a Siberian Husky pack. They also have a vlog channel @snowdogsvlogs and have 249.9K followers on Instagram.
  40. Scout helps find dog-friendly destinations and stays in the USA & Canada. They provide a travel guide and have 237.6K followers.

This vibrant collection of the top 40 Instagram influencers is a testament to the diversity and creativity flourishing among canine influencers. Each influencer, with their unique style, and content, offers something special to their followers. From fashion mavens and travel enthusiasts to fitness gurus and culinary wizards, these influencers are not just trendsetters but also sources of joy.

Following them not only brightens your feed but also brings a fresh perspective to your daily scroll. Whether you're looking for style tips, travel inspiration, fitness motivation, or culinary adventures, these influencers have it all. So, dive into their worlds, hit the follow button, and be part of their exciting journeys. Who knows, you might just find your next favorite influencer among them!