Dog Friendly Travel Ideas: Canine Cruises & Boat Trips

Discover the magic of boating with your furry friend and explore the best dog-friendly cruises and boat trips from around the world.

Dog Friendly Travel Ideas: Canine Cruises & Boat Trips
Many Cruise Lines Are Super Dog Friendly

Set sail and let the soothing sway of the boat and the refreshing sea breeze create a perfect backdrop for bonding and exploration. From serene lake cruises to exciting ferry rides, we'll uncover the most delightful water adventures where your furry mate will feel right at home. Discover how these dog-friendly boating experiences not only cater to your pet's needs but also ensure a memorable journey filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. So grab your life jackets, pack your dog's favorite treats, and join us on an extraordinary voyage.

Cunard Dog Friendly Transatlantic Cruises

Over 180 years of their history, Cunard ships have always carried animals on board, and the Cunard's Queen Mary 2 (QM2) is the ultimate pet-friendly cruise ship, allowing dogs and cats on select transatlantic sailings between Southampton and New York. While your pet won't be in your cabin, they'll have a dedicated kennel on Deck 12, where they receive top-notch care, playtime, and even treats and toys. If you're considering cruising with your pet, make sure to check the cruise line's specific policies, book early, and prepare for the associated costs.

Argosy Cruises, Seattle, USA

Argosy Cruises invites dogs on their Harbor Cruise. You and your dog can enjoy a one-hour, live-narrated cruise of Elliott Bay and the Seattle Harbor while viewing the spectacular city skyline. Click here for more information about the cruise rules for pets.

Naples Bay Water Shuttle, Naples, Florida, USA

The Naples Bay Water Shuttle allows dogs aboard to enjoy the ride along with their owners. Naples, known for its scenic beauty and charming waterways, can be a thrilling ride for your dog. Visit their website to learn more.

The Casco Bay Ferry, Portland, Maine, USA

The Casco Bay Ferry services allow leashed dogs aboard their regular ferry service to explore the scenic Casco Bay. It's a great way to take your pet out on a refreshing boat ride. Learn more about their pet policies here.

Venetian Water Taxis, Venice, Italy

If you're traveling in Venice, consider hiring a private water taxi. Most private hire boats allow dogs and can provide a unique way to explore the city's beautiful waterways. Visit here for more information.

Captain John Boats, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Captain John Boats welcome well-behaved dogs aboard their ferry services to Provincetown. The ride offers beautiful views of Cape Cod Bay. Find more details here.

Pictured Rocks Cruises, Munising, Michigan, USA

Pictured Rocks Cruises allows dogs on their regular cruises, providing a unique opportunity for your pet to experience the beauty of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. More information about their pet policies can be found on their website.

Chicago's First Lady Cruises, Chicago, USA

This company operates the Canine Cruise, Chicago's only pet-friendly cruise, which takes you and your dog on a tour of Chicago from the river. Details about the cruise can be found here.

Lake Windermere Cruises, Lake District, England

Dogs are allowed aboard Lake Windermere cruises, which offer panoramic views of the Lake District's mountains and shorelines. Visit their site for more information.

Mosman Ferries, Sydney, Australia

These charming, small ferries allow dogs and offer an alternative way to explore the picturesque Sydney Harbor. More details can be found here.

Shotover River Rafting Adventure, Queenstown, New Zealand

For adventurous dogs and owners, Family Adventures offers a gentle rafting experience on the Shotover River where dogs can join in the fun. Check out their website for more information.

Star Line Ferry, Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA

The Star Line Ferry offers dog-friendly rides to Mackinac Island. Your dog can accompany you on the deck and enjoy the spectacular views of the Great Lakes. Check out the details here.

Thames River Services, London, England

Take your furry friend on a historic tour of London along the River Thames. Dogs are welcome on board as you pass iconic landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. More information can be found here.

Mersey Ferry, Liverpool, England

The Mersey Ferry in Liverpool welcomes dogs on their commuter service, offering views of the city's UNESCO-listed waterfront. For more details, visit their website.

Bay Ferries, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bay Ferries, connecting Nova Scotia to New Brunswick, welcomes dogs on board. They even offer specific kennel areas for your furry friend's comfort. More information is available here.

Padelford Riverboats, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Offering pet-friendly Mississippi River cruises, Padelford Riverboats allows you to take in the sights while your dog enjoys the breeze. Visit their website for more details.

Potomac Riverboat Company, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Potomac Riverboat Company offers Canine Cruises where dogs can enjoy a 40-minute cruise along Alexandria's seaport. More information can be found here.

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, New York City, USA

This popular sightseeing cruise around Manhattan welcomes dogs on the outdoor decks of their vessels. Find more details here.

False Creek Ferries, Vancouver, Canada

False Creek Ferries in Vancouver allows dogs on their short ferry rides, offering a fun way to navigate the city's waterways. More information can be found here.

Stena Line Ferries, Various Locations, Europe

Stena Line operates various ferry routes across Europe and generally allows dogs on board. Their ships provide specific kennels or cabins where your pet can relax during the journey. More details are available on their website.

Navigating the waterways of the world with your four-legged friend provides a unique opportunity to bond and create shared memories. Safety, of course, should be your priority. Ensure that your dog is comfortable with the motion of a boat, and consider investing in a canine life jacket for peace of mind. The enchanting combination of fresh air, calming water, and your dog's company will make for an unforgettable boating experience. So, get ready to hoist the sail and embark on a journey of joy and adventure with your furry friend!