An Interview With Artificial Intelligence: Elvis Presley

An exclusive interview with the AI version of Elvis Presley to discuss his love for dogs, the dogs he has owned, and how they have influenced his life and career.

An Interview With Artificial Intelligence: Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley in 1956

Welcome to another exclusive interview with the AI, we trained it on every relevant historical artefact we could find, and the AI now believes its the King. In this interview, we talk to Elvis Presley about his love for dogs, the dogs he has owned, and how they have influenced him throughout his life and career.

Bule: Elvis, it's wonderful to have you here. Thank you for agreeing to talk to me. Let's talk about your love for dogs. When did this passion for dogs start?

Elvis: Well, you know, growin' up in Tupelo, we didn't have much. Couldn't afford no pets, but I always loved animals. Once I got a little money, I made sure to surround myself with 'em. Dogs have always been close to my heart.

Bule: You've had quite a few dogs, can you tell us about some of them?

Elvis: Sure thing. One of my first dogs was a Poodle named Champagne, which I had while I was stationed in Germany. I also gave my mama a Toy Poodle named Sweet Pea, and later on, I gifted another Poodle to Priscilla.

Elvis & Sweet Pea

Bule: Brutus seems to be one of your favorites. Can you tell us more about him?

Elvis: Brutus was a real gentle giant, man. Priscilla and I got him in the '60s, and he quickly became a beloved part of the family. There’s a bit of a myth about him being in my movie "Live a Little, Love a Little". Some folks think it was Brutus in the movie, but it was a professionally trained dog that looked just like him.

Elvis & Brutus

Bule: That's fascinating. How did Brutus come into your life?

Elvis: Priscilla and I wanted a dog that could keep up with our busy lives and also be a good companion. Great Danes are perfect for that. They're big, but they're also very loving and loyal. Brutus was all that and more. He was with us through a lot of changes, and he was always there with his big ol' heart. Man, he was a hound dog, just a different kind, you know?

Bule: You've also mentioned Snoopy. Was he a Great Dane like Brutus?

Elvis: Snoopy was another Great Dane we had around the same time. He was just as loving and gentle as Brutus. These dogs have such great temperaments, and they’re perfect for families. Snoopy was especially fond of our daughter, Lisa Marie. They were like best buddies. They'd run around Graceland like they owned the place. Sometimes it felt like she and Snoopy were joined at the hip!

Lisa Marie Presley & Snoopy

Bule: Did you have any other dogs?

Elvis: Oh, we had a few more. There was a Basset Hound named Sherlock, a Chow named Get Lo, and even a Collie named Baba who appeared with me in "Paradise, Hawaiian Style." Each of them brought their own special kind of joy to our home. Each one was a little hound dog in their own way.

Bule: Dogs have obviously been a big part of your life.

What have they given you over the years?

Elvis: Dogs, they just give you unconditional love. No matter what's goin' on in your life, they’re always happy to see you. They don’t care about your fame or money; they just love you for who you are. That kind of companionship is priceless. It kept me grounded and gave me a lot of comfort, especially during the tough times. They were like my own pack of hound dogs, always there for me.

Elvis With His Hound Dogs

Bule: Did you ever take your dogs on tour with you?

Elvis: Occasionally, I'd take 'em along, but it wasn't always practical. Touring is hard on them with all the travel and noise. When I could, I'd bring them to the studio or on set, like when Brutus was around. But most of the time, they stayed at Graceland where they were comfortable and had space to play. They were my hound dogs, but they needed their space, too.

Bule: It sounds like they were well-loved and taken care of. Were there any memorable moments with your dogs that stand out to you?

Elvis: There were so many. I remember once, Sherlock, our Basset Hound, got into a bit of trouble with the neighbor's dog, but they became best friends after that. And Baba, the Collie, was always so gentle, especially with Lisa Marie. Those moments at home with the dogs, just relaxin' and playin', are some of my favorite memories. They were my hound dogs, always makin' me smile.

Elvis & Sherlock

Bule: It's clear that your dogs were very special to you. Did they inspire any of your music or performances? Maybe some specific songs or moments on stage?

Elvis: You know, in a way, they did. The peace and happiness they brought me definitely influenced my mood and my performances. When you're happy and relaxed, it shows in your work. And they were a big part of that for me. They were like my own little band of hound dogs, always there to lift my spirits.

Take "Hound Dog," for instance. The energy and fun in that song was inspired by the joy my dogs brought me. Even in songs like "Love Me Tender" or "Can't Help Falling in Love," that sense of unconditional love you get from a dog might've seeped into the emotion I tried to convey. And let's not forget performances like my '68 Comeback Special. Having that kind of peace of mind and happiness from being around my dogs helped me put my best foot forward on stage.

Elvis & Sherlock

Bule: Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories, Elvis.

It's clear that your dogs were very special to you throughout your life.

Elvis: They were like family to me, I’m grateful for every moment I had with them.

Bule: Do you have any advice for those who are thinking about getting a dog?

Elvis: Well, if you're thinkin' about bringin' a little hound dog into your life, just remember this: "Love me tender, love me true." Dogs need a whole lotta love and care, so you gotta be ready to give 'em all your heart. Don't be cruel, treat 'em right, and they'll always stand by you, through day and night. They ain't nothin' but a hound dog, but they'll bring you more joy than you can ever dream of. So if you're ready for that kinda love, then go ahead and find your furry friend. They'll be your best companion, through thick and thin, 'til the end.

Authors Note: I hope you enjoyed this fictional interview, part of my new series where I interview historical figures about their dogs. I strive to be historically accurate in my interviews, and attempt to accurately convey their language.