Roch Pledges To Donate Profits To The Roch Society

Roch, a new dog friendly startup, pledges a percentage of their profits to canine charities in the community, and churches/schools named after St Roch.

Roch Pledges To Donate Profits To The Roch Society
Church of San Rocco, Venice, Italy

In the vibrant landscape of startups, a new champion has emerged for our canine friends, and it is appropriately named Roch, after St. Roch, the patron saint of dogs. Roch has recently announced the launch of The Roch Standard, an innovative certification and ranking process that gauges businesses on their dog-friendly policies and ranks them accordingly, both regionally and internationally.

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This launch is a milestone not just for the business community but for society as a whole, because the Roch Standard seeks to promote canine-inclusive practices globally, echoing the catholic values of respect, stewardship, and universal love. Roch's pioneering initiative is deeply interwoven with Catholic values. The emphasis on love, respect, and inclusivity mirrors the Catholic ethos, making it a unique blend of business innovation, dog friendliness, and spiritual value.

Guise Bule de Missenden, Roch's founder, highlighted this connection, stating:

"We invite all members of the Catholic community who share our deep love for dogs to join the Roch Society, helping us foster a world where the bond between humans and dogs is cherished and cultivated.”

De Missenden further added, "This commitment goes beyond just words, and we have included specific corporate philanthropy obligations in our company bylaws, which have been approved by our board. This inclusion legally binds us to share a percentage of our profits with charitable causes, underlining our commitment to making a difference in the wider community."

Roch has pledged to donate up to a quarter of its profits to their charitable arm, the Roch Society for distribution. These funds are earmarked for churches and schools named after St Roch and canine charitable causes in the community. Furthermore, members of the Roch Society will have a say in how these funds are distributed through the Roch Society Charitable Committee, adding another layer of community involvement to Roch's unique business model.

By transforming how businesses across various sectors integrate and value the unique bond between humans and dogs, Roch aims to redefine our relationships with our pets. Earning the Roch Standard dog friendly certification is a testament to a business's commitment to extending its hospitality beyond humans, and it aligns the establishment with the rapidly growing trend of dog-friendly travel, signifying a step towards a more inclusive dog friendly society.

Roch's mission extends beyond simply setting a universal standard for dog-friendly businesses, by pledging a significant portion of their profits to charitable causes, Roch is setting a precedent for social responsibility in business, their approach embodies an inclusive vision where economic success does not stand in isolation but is intimately tied with the well-being of the community.

The launch of The Roch Standard is not just an innovation; it is a statement of purpose, a commitment to inclusion, respect, and love. It provides a beacon of guidance for businesses wishing to join the growing trend of dog-friendly practices, fostering a world where our relationships with our pets are celebrated and valued. In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, Roch's approach offers a refreshing reminder of the values that truly matter to us all.

As more businesses adopt The Roch Standard and more dog owners find establishments that truly value their canine companions, Roch's vision for a more inclusive world seems completely realistic and achievable.

To me, Roch is not just another startup but a trailblazer, setting the path for a more canine inclusive and respectful society. With its blend of innovative business practices, commitment to social responsibility, and emphasis on community involvement, Roch promises to lead the way towards a future where our canine companions are not just tolerated but welcomed and cherished.